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This is a specimen of a set of pictograms that have been builted thought the shapes of GT Flexa.
The issue of this project was to create a set of pictograms for Heathow London Airport. This one is special, it’s not only an airport full of stress and rush to catch a plane, but a place to rest for a while. Furthermore the airport has a gallery lounge for people to experience a moment of relax, and enjoy the time while waiting for the next flight.
But why GT Flexa? This incredible font has a lot of personality and playfullness in its shapes.
It was necessary to find a direct but also fun and relaxed font... And we did it! Moreover, this Grilly Type’s typography matches conceptually with the project. We saw in its big inktraps a break, a moment of stillness just like the airport has in their galleries.


    Incorporate the essence of the typography into all of the new icons.
    Develop direct and easy to understand icons for an rapid place such as the airport.


Class project


Head Iconography Designer


October 2021 (3 months)

This website was built in Editor X during the Wix Playground Academy program.

All right reserved Carlos García Garrido.

Flexa Icons

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