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This is a specimen of a set of pictograms that have been builted thought the shapes of GT Flexa.
The issue of this project was to create a set of pictograms for Heathow London Airport. This one is special, it’s not only an airport full of stress and rush to catch a plane, but a place to rest for a while. Furthermore the airport has a gallery lounge for people to experience a moment of relax, and enjoy the time while waiting for the next flight.
But why GT Flexa? This incredible font has a lot of personality and playfullness in its shapes.
It was necessary to find a direct but also fun and relaxed font... And we did it! Moreover, this Grilly Type’s typography matches conceptually with the project. We saw in its big inktraps a break, a moment of stillness just like the airport has in their galleries.


Glyph design
Editorial design

Class project

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Flexa Icons


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